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The 10 Biggest Swimsuit Don’ts

I picked up this months April issue of Glamour Magazine filled with wonderful articles and came across this feature of the 10 Biggest Swimsuit Don’ts and wanted to share in a good laugh.   1) DON’T do the walking-advertisement bikini thing. Not only does this lady look likes she’s on the job Read more…

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Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian Bikini Wax – Which one is right for you? from Butterflies and Bikinis

Not a lot of people understand the innovative possibilities of bikini waxing. Some people just hear the words ‘bikini wax’ and they are as well blinded by the anguish to think of anything else, allow alone creativeness. Yet when it is agonizing to acquire a bikini wax, a lot of people would tell you which the anguish is worth it! As well Read more…

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