Jumping into the pool to avoid people seeing your swimsuit is one way to make a splash this summer. A better way? Wear a swimsuit or bikini that has that coveted balance between quality, comfort, chic, cool, and sexy!

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Check out our NEW Collection of swimwear from Black Box Swim at Butterflies and Bikinis. With these bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, with skimpy cut bottoms and more, you’ll achieve a look that is classically sexy, edgy, and versatile.

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Black Box Swim offers you a smooth, snug fit without sacrificing style and flair.

When you feel the quality of this designer swimwear against your skin, you’ll feel great. Once you feel great, looking good will come naturally.


This styles and cuts stand apart from the crowd and yet is eminently wearable. Self-lined and seamless, you’ll feel as natural in one of these bikinis or one-piece swimsuits as you would in a second skin.

Beach body or not, Black Box Swim bikinis and swimwear will give you the confidence to be your very best.

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Designer Jillian Gates and The Black Box Swim Philosophy

The name Black Box Swim has its roots in the concept of black box theater, a simple and unadorned space where extraneous details disappear, and the performance is the focus. Black Box Swim is no less experimental, innovative, versatile, or creative.

Designer Jillian Gates’s background in performing arts, psychology, and travel are evident in her work. A California girl through and through, all these products are designed and made locally in Southern California.

If you’ve been hoping for something a little more sophisticated and edgy than the usual designs, you’ll love what she’s doing. Be a part of it.

If you want stylish yet unconventional, you’re in the right place. Combine Black Box Swim with your existing wardrobe and wear it on the street or at the gym.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your swimwear. This is not a collection to lock you into a way of being or expressing yourself. The color palette is sophisticated, with plenty of opportunity for swapping out a top or bottom to create your look.

Give Black Box Swim a try,  you’ll feel the difference and look amazing available at Butterflies and Bikinis

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