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2016 Brazilian Bikinis, Cheeky Bikini, Micro Bikini, One Piece Monokinis, Beach Cover Ups, Casual Wear, & More!

We offer the most exciting, relevant, and the latest Style Trends from around the wrold in Brazilian Bikinis, Designer Swimwear, Cheeky Bikini, Micro Bikinis,Thong Bikinis, Monokinis, Hot Lingerie, One Piece Swimsuits, Resort Wear, Beach Cover Ups,and Casual Wear.  Continually on the search for what is new and unique in swimwear and bikini fashion, including micro bikinis, high waisted bikinis, triangle bikinis, Halter Bikini,  plus size swimwear, one piece swimsuits, and much more. 

Here at Butterflies & Bikinis we enjoy providing our customers with a creative diversity that we take personal pride in. We have specifically limited the number of lines we carry to include only the finest in unique style, fit, and fashion. We want women to feel special and it’s their personal style and fashion statement we take into consideration with great pride in  helping each customer to come away feeling special and satisfied. 

How to choose the Bikini, One Piece, or Monokini Swimsuit that is perfect for your figure:

The fall is approaching and winter will soon be here so will Holiday vacations to look forward to sitting pool or beach side, in warm tropical locations. Before we know it will be spring again with summer to follow and want to give a little advice to help you find the perfect swimsuit even though you may not have the perfect body. For some the search for the correct style, color, top or bottom cut can be frustrating and intimidating. Asking the question, how to look my best in the styles I love to accentuate the body parts that I want to show off and draw minimal attention to areas I am not so confident in.

How to make our imperfect body look great and give me confidence to be seen in public. Hopefully the information will give you a guide to find the perfect swimsuit, bikini, ono piece, or monokini for your body shape.

One of the best ways I know to start off is pull out two or three of your favorite swimsuits from last year and if possible mix up the style of tops and bottoms. From halter top to bandeau, to hipster, string tie or Brazilian skimpy cut.  

In the comfort of your home, go into your bathroom or comfortable, quiet place and stand in front of a full length mirror. Try each suit on and be honest with each style of top and bottom. Does this top look good on me? Does it support me the way I need or want, is it comfortable? Do I need padding to add a little more or underwire for added support.

How does this hipster moderate cut bottom look? What about the Brazilian string tie, or what about the boy short cheeky cut? Do I have a booty that I should be showing off that I am not? One miss conception is that for many girls and young mothers who might not have the firm butt of their youth is to wear a full coverage bottom but, in many cases, you are actually adding to the size appearance and making yourself look bigger than you are. Try on a smaller cut bottom, show off more butt, ask a girlfriend what she thinks, Chances are it’s more of a confidence issue than a body issue.  

I have had the privilege to spend a lot of time in Brazil and learn of the culture and the women. The women so embrace their femininity and sexuality, they walk in confidence wearing skimpy tops and bottoms no matter what their body types are in many cases. Their inner confidence and beauty is all that you see. All the flaws, imperfect parts become nonexistent and unnoticed.

At this time, while looking in the mirror, you probably already know this but, ask yourself, what body type do I have? There are many wonderful swimwear designs that make any body type look better and knowing your body type and the options available will make the difference.  

Here are some suggestions that should help while shopping for your perfect bikini.

1)    If you have a short torso, try:

Try on a String Tie Top and Bottom or a halter top and low rise hipster bottom. These two styles can accentuate the bust especially if they are padded as well as the shoulders. These bottoms styles are designed to sit low on the hips and give the appearance of a longer and more slender torso and stomach area. Its’s ok to feel uncomfortable at first and don’t be afraid to try something different and push yourself a little past your comfort zone. You will not only look better but you feel wonderful doing so. There are many wonderful designers and style available from Mikoh Swimwear, L*Space Swimwear, Vitamin A, PilyQ, Luli Fama, Acacia, Tavik, Tyler Rose, and so many others. 

Another options is a Monokini. Many have plunging necklines cut low at the hips and open on the back. These are more popular than ever and a great way to mix up your swimwear wardrobe, add style, and look amazing doing so! Check out, Lady Lux, L*Space, Malai, Luli Fama, Beauty and the Beach, as a place to start. 

2)    If you have a “long torso”, try:

Try a One Piece with high cuts on the hips or side cut outs or a high neck halter top. Some amazing designs from L*Space, Vitamin A, PilyQ Swimwear, Agua Bendita, PilyQ, and others that flatter most any figure type. The side cut outs are perfect for accentuating the torso length and with some many styles, you can be sure to find a style that’s perfect for all your assets while hiding some of the less than perfect trouble spots. 

3)    If you have a “pear shape”, try:

A Pear shape figure used to be one of the more frustrating figure types to compensate for but, not anymore.  One of the first things you have to get out of your head to the idea that the more coverage bottom I wear, the more I hide, the better I look. In fact in many cases the opposite is true. Fuller coverage bottoms actually give the appearance of a larger area or bottom and actually draws attention or the eyes which is the last thing you need! The object here is to accentuate your best body features and bring attention to them. If you have a large full bust, wear a bright floral or pattern top that accentuates your cleavage with a moderate cut bottom in a soft or muted color bottom. This also works for smaller bust as well. You may want to try a Brazilian cut bottom with less coverage. In some cases this is a great option that not only reduces the amount of fabric and appearance of volume, but also brings attention to a different level. Again, a monokini can be a great choice because of the diversity of style and cuts.

Check out these styles from L*Space, Mikoh, Luli Fama, Pilyq Swimwear, Lady Lux, and Beach Bunny. 

4)    If you have “large bust”, try:

This used to be a difficult situation but thankfully many swimwear designers offer D, DD, and E tops with underwire in many wonderful styles that are not only super supportive but, extremely flattering and sexy. Look for a top with an underwire if possible, thick chest band, wide straps at the neck and back. This type will give you the greatest support and comfort.  L*Space, Pilyq, Malai, Luli Fama, all offer tops with underwire construction for large busted women. 

5)    If you have “small bust” try:

To add cleavage and the appearance of a fuller bust line try, a triangle, bandeau, or embellished bikini top. Many bikinis these days come with fixed or removable padding for added shape and comfort and depending on what type of embellishment such as ruffles or beads, can add a great deal to the bust size appearance.

There are so many Brands to start with that it will really depend on the styles colors and prints that you are looking for. So many Brands like Luli Fama, Malai, L*Space, Vitamin A, Sauvagewear, Lady Lux, and so many more, all offering removable padding. Many are designed with push up padding to push up your breast, giving the appearance of a fuller cup and cleavage. 

Over all, pick a suit that makes you feel good, that inspires confidence, and makes you feel sexy. Take a risk, don’t be afraid to try something different or a little sexier than normal and mix it up. We are all human and no matter what your age and relationship status, getting noticed inspires confidence and is kind of nice.