Nicole Carroll  is an amazing young woman whose inspiration and creative genius is the driving force behind Tyler Rose Swimwear. Nicole is a California girl who grew up on the golden coast, living the So Cal. lifestyle and dream, roaming the pacific to pursue her love for the beach and her passion to find the perfect swimsuit.

 For many girls with luscious curves, finding the perfect swimsuit to give you the support, fit, comfort, and style you need, can be a difficult task. Nicole is not the kind of gal to sit on the sidelines and settle for second string, so she decided to do something on her own to solve her dilemma and change the game plan.

 Fate had it that while on “the beaches of Playa Negra in Costa Rica, she met a woman who ran her own shop and made her own custom swimwear.”  “Nicole and the woman shared stories and their feelings into the twilight hours and thus ignited the spark that became a roaring fire that is Tyler Rose Swimwear”.

Her collections are “born of the classic Palm Springs style, yet capture the essence of a sun kissed California girl, being inspired by the strength and inherent fun that was exuded in the late 70’s to early 80’s rock n roll era, when music met glamour and rocked, hard! Now her vision is a lifestyle all its own!”

 Sweet Emotion is the rocking new collection coming this fall from Tyler Rose swimwear 2011, available at Butterflies and Bikinis , a swimwear boutique.

 Girls, get ready for another sun kissed summer that’s says, “I own this beach wearing Tyler Rose Swimwear.”  Mix and match styles, luminous colors, bright neon, with lace and varied textures all with the fit, comfort and style you’d expect.

Tyler Rose Swimwear, Sweet Emotion 2011, available December 2010. Keep checking back for pre-sale and the latest in swimwear fashion.

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Rachel · September 14, 2010 at 9:12 am

I am so happy you will carry these suits, they are so cute, can’t wait,


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