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Thong, Tanga, or Brazilian Cut Bikini, what's the difference and which one should I wear?

There are many different bottoms styles available today which makes it perfect for almost any body type, preference and attitude.

One of the more provocative styles which continue to gain popularity is the Brazilian cut bottom. Known for it’s much less conservative coverage, the Brazilian bottom is typically a small triangle on the rear similar to the front. Often made with excellent quality material, these bottoms do not sag and hold their shape very well. Younger girls love these bottoms as they are often more flattering than moderate of full coverage bottoms.

Woman who are concerned with the appearance of there back side often think that they will hide more with more coverage; When in fact, more coverage also adds to the visual perception of a larger bottom, the opposite result you were looking for.

 We sell Brazilian cut swimwear all over the world in smalls, medium, to large. If you have never tried one, consider buying one for your next vacation and mix it in with your other suits and give it a try. There are many excellent Brands to choose from and they all fit a little different. Cia Maritima, is the largest and best known designer and manufacturer in Brazil, while Luli Fama manufactured in the US offers an assortment of bottoms styles and is famous for the Ruched, Scrunch Butt bikini bottom. Another line direct from Brazil with world wide acclaim is POKO PANO. POKO PANO is actually translated, “Little Cloth”, and be sure to check out Agua Doce, another premier Brazilian brand that is an authentic Brazilian cut suit, and a great choice as well.  

Everyone knows of the Thong bottom, but another style that is growing in popularity is the Tanga bottom which is a modified version of the Thong. Thong bikini bottoms are cut very low in the front and have only a thin strip of elastic material running between the cheeks in the rear. If you've ever heard of a floss bikini, that's a popular nickname for a thong.

Tanga bikinis are very sexy modifications and are a little more conservative than a classic Thong. The front of the bottom piece is a small triangle attached to the back piece by strings or side ties or thin piece of Spandex. The back piece is a very small triangle that provides approximately 2-3 more inches of coverage than a Thong. ( Please see image above left and bottom right as examples) I think these bottoms are great sexy alternative and can give the appearance of a shapelier bottom, which in most cases is an asset!

What is your favorite bottom style and why? If you have any tips, suggestions, or  comments, we always appreciate hearing from you.

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