Summer is quickly approaching and many of us are already getting in bikini shape in anticipation of the warm weather and sunning at the beach.

With summer almost here, it’s time to begin the annual search to find the perfect swimsuit. For some this time is filled with excitement and anticipation of buying the latest in swimwear fashion and showing of our perfect body. But for the rest of us, this search can be filled with frustration and mortal fear of how to make our imperfect body look great and give me confidence to be seen in public.

Yes, it is possible to find the perfect swimsuit for your body shape, and hopefully this information with an open mind will help you in your quest!

First of all to get an Idea on where and what to start looking for in a new bikini, get out last years suits, try them on one by one in front of your mirror at home and be honest, which style, cut, color and so on fits you best. Which ones make you feel the most comfortable in wearing?

At this time, while looking in the mirror, you probably already know this but, ask your self, what body type do I have? There are many wonderful swimwear designs that make any body type look better and knowing your body type and the options available will make the difference.  

Here are some wonderful suggestions to look for while shopping for your perfect bikini.

If you have a “short torso” try:

A string tie top and bottom or halter top with a hipster low rise bottom. These two styles accentuate the bust and shoulders and many of the bottoms are designed to sit low on the hips and give the appearance of a longer and more slender torso and tummy area. Don’t be afraid to try something different and push yourself a little past your comfort zone. You will not only look better but you feel wonderful doing so.

If you have a “long torso”, try:

Try a One Piece or monokini with high cuts on the hips or side cut outs. Monokinis are all the rage and offer some amazing designs that flatter most any figure type. The side cut outs are perfect for accentuating the torso length and with some many styles, you can be sure to find a style that’s perfect for all your assets while hiding some of the less then perfect trouble spots.

If you have a “pear shape”, try:

A Pear shape figure used to be one of the more frustrating figure types to compensate for but, not anymore.   One of the first things you have to get out of your head to the idea that the more coverage I wear, the more I hide. In fact the opposite it true. Fuller coverage bottoms actually give the appearance of a larger bottom, the last thing you need! The object here is to accentuate your assets and bring attention to them. If you have a full bust, wear a bright floral or pattern top that accentuates your cleavage with a moderate cut bottom in a soft or muted color bottom. This also works for smaller bust as well. You may want to try a Brazilian cut bottom with less coverage. In some cases this is a great option that not only reduces the amount of fabric and appearance of volume, but also brings attention to a different level. Again, a monokini can be a great choice because of the diversity of style and cuts.

If you have “large bust”, try:

This used to be a difficult situation but thankfully many swimwear designers offer D, DD, and E tops and bigger in many wonderful styles that are not only supportive but extremely flattering and sexy. Look for a top with an underwire if possible, thick chest band, wide straps at the neck and back. This type will give you the greatest support and comfort.  

If you have “small bust” try:

To add cleavage and the appearance of a fuller bust line try, a triangle, bandeau, or embellished bikini top. Many bikinis these days come with fixed or removable padding for added shape and comfort and depending on what type of embellishment such as ruffles or beads, can add a great deal to the bust size appearance.

If you are “plus size”, try:

Don’t be afraid to show off your curves. If you got it girl, go for it! The good news is that being Plus Size no longer a life sentence to boring swimwear. Many of the world’s top designers create wonderful new styles each and every season. There are some exciting new One Piece Designer swimsuits this year that will help you feel and look your best. Try staying away from bold bright colors in floral print and try sticking with darker and more subtle colors. This does not mean stay away from patterns and even stripes. Two toned colors are a great option. When looking for a One Piece look for one that accentuates the bust line with high cuts on the hips. The same is true when looking for a two piece but try sticking with halter tops and hipster type bottoms. There are many awesome styles that offer great support and keep you looking your best.

One of the best things about buying swimwear Online is that it allows you time and the comfort of trying suits on at home. No rush, just you in front of the mirror, with no self conscious awkward moments, trying each suit in different colors and styles, with the space you need and time you want to make the decision which bikini makes you feel and look your best.

Over all, pick a suit that makes you feel good, not afraid to be seen in public that inspires confidence, and makes you feel sexy. Remember, you often get what you pay for. If you are looking to spend $40 on a complete suit, chances are it will not fit and flatter the way you like. You don’t have to spend a whole lot more to get a high quality suit that will definitely make a difference in showing you off your best assets.