Spring Break is almost here and for many College students is a baptism ritual and right of passage for debauchery and newly found adult hood. Mixed with fruity cocktails, random hook ups, and nights you can’t remember no matter how hard you try. All in all, its about getting away to a Tropical Paradise with close friends and having a good time.

With so many wonderful destinations to indulge in, it can be difficult to pick the right one.

 These day’s with our struggling economy and rising prices it may be an easy task based on budget and best value for your dollar. Below represents an amazing list of sizzling hot, time tested destinations that are guaranteed to score big and hit your sweet spot for adventure and your love for the sun. Though not inclusive and necessarily in order, represent some of the best choices to heat up things up during Spring Break for an unforgettable time!   

 1) Cancun, Mexico continues to rank at the top of the list and a sure bet for non stop craziness from March to April.  Cancun, offers everything you could want and expect. Endless Margaritas, spectacular beaches, late night Clubs, and water sport fun.

  2) Coming in close behind is Panama City Beach, in sunny Florida. Made a national hot spot by MTV back in 2009, continues to draw attention and crowds. Located in the northern pan handle on the Gulf side of Florida, offers miles of amazing white sand beaches, and more moderate climate.

 3) Miami South Beach,  a personal fave, can’t loose with it’s beautiful Atlantic coastline, 5 Star resorts, and totally hot Club Scene that only starts heating up long after midnight, sure to score big for non stop action. Who knows, you may see the Hiltons and Kardashian’s heating things up with their own unique style!  

 4) South of the Boarder continues to Rule and Puerto Vallarta, a top pick year after year. Puerto Vallarta is nestled against the coastal mountain range offers amazing tropical scenery, with beautiful beaches. If you are looking for the perfect blend of natural landscape, beautiful beaches, non stop night life, and all inclusive resorts, than Puerto Vallarta is an easy score.

 5) Another south of the boarder favorite, Acapulco. Once made famous by Hollywood’s biggest stars back in the 50’s, this beach side vacation spot continues to shine with its beautiful landscape, beaches, and legendary nightlife. A great choice if you have never been there and make some history of your own!

 6) The Bahamas score big and sure thing for Spring Break. The moment you hit the beaches here, you know you made the right choice. Gleaming with International glamour, Nassau the capital city is found on New Providence Island and two bridges conveniently link neighboring Paradise Island. These two Islands offer non stop action and sure to wet your appetite and a chance to experience your own Paradise.

 7) Costa Rica boasts some of the most amazing scenery on the planet which really heats up during Spring Break. With some of the craziest wild life you can image and not talking about the natural inhabitants. Spectacular beaches and surf, exotic jungle, and nightlife to match, Costa Rica scores high!

8) Vegas BABY! What could be better place to strip into your new Bikini for Spring Break than Las Vegas where the party never stops during the month of March and if you are lucky enough to break from March 6-10, you’ll get in on the best week of the season. MTV’s official Spring Break week going on at The Palms Hotel and Resort. Check out this link and hook up to all the MTV Spring Break action and Get lucky!

9) Closer to home on the mainland is South Padre Island in Texas. Yep you heard it right. Easy to get to, not to expensive, and hundreds of miles of beaches. This Island hot spot parties as big as Texas with its nightlife, water sports, warm water, sea food and southern hospitality.

10) West coast favorite – Baja (Rosarito Beach, Cabo), located in northern Baja with easy access, wonderful beaches, great surf, and legendary nightlife is sure to be crazy. A bargain for all the indulgences you can think of. Further south is Cabo San Lucas, short easy flight, hot weather and hotter nightclubs where almost anything goes.  

One thing for sure is that, no matter which one of these party destination you choose for Spring Break, your going to have the time of your life, meet some great new friends, and have life time memories, you’ll laugh about years from now.

Let us know where you are going and what you did for Spring Break and “LET”S KEEP THE PARTY GOING!