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Bikini Nation

Bikini Tips: What style swimsuit to wear?

Q: I own three or four swimsuits (most from previous seasons, one from this season), and I am never quite sure which swimsuit to wear for my different outings. How do I choose the right swimsuit for the right occasion? A: There are several different occasions that require women to wear swimsuit[…]

KGB bikinis coming to Butterflies and Bikinis

Look for KGB Swimwear on Butterflies and Bikinis in the next day or so. Chic, designer swimwear on the cutting edge of fashion.[…]

Bikini Nation - A Swimwear Blog by Butterflies and Bikinis

We have just launched Bikini Nation, a swimwear blog by Butterflies and Bikinis. This is your resource for information about bikinis, swimwear, Brazilian bikinis and designer swimwear. Check back with us every day because we're going to be giving you the low-down![…]

Jessica Alba wears a Monokini

Your favorite starlet shows how it's done in a monokini.

Swimwear Facts

The first prototypes of modern swim trunks were introduced around the turn of the 20th century. Despite their more modern appearance, these swimsuits left much to be desired in terms of fit and convenience. The trunks became extremely heavy when wet (weighing approximately nine pounds whe[…]

How to Make your Own Bikinis

Bikini Making your own swimsuit can be a fun way to completely personalize your swimming experience that goes far beyond accessorizing. Frankly, making your own suit can also save you quite a bit of money on even the lowest-priced of pre-made swimsuits. Whether you are a novice or experienc[…]

Paris Hilton Wears Monokinis

Paris The monokini trend has quickly become one of the hottest swimwear trends for summer. If you're not concerned about the questionable tan-lines they cab look hot and are that bit more interesting than your usual bikini. Paris Hilton is clearly a fan of the trend - having been photographe[…]

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