When you eat, breathe, and sleep brazilian bikinis for as long as I have it takes a truly extraordinary collection to really excite you. Monica Wise of L*Space has always done an incredible job of creating collections that seem to fly off our shelves instantly.

Described as “sophisticated beach chic, glam surfer girl, and fashion-forward swimwear”, L*Space has become known for their clean lines, luxe fabrics, glamorous shapes, and lets not forget those fringe bikinis that every bikini connoisseur needs.

This Summer collection, in my opinion, is their best yet. With names like “Pistachio“, “DeJaneiro“, “Hippie Chic“, “City Tribe“, “Copa Cobana“, and “Brasilia” and styles that range from feminine underwire bandeaus to festive tie dye, spirited tribal prints, and of course fringe!…there is a bikini..or bikini(s)..for everyone!

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