L Space XL tops and D-Cup supportThese days, it can be very tough to find Brazilian Cut and Designer swimwear that is built to accommodate those who need D-Cup support in today’s hottest styles and trends with the option to purchase as separates such as a D-Cup top and small bottom.

It seems that many of the current styles and fashion trends gear towards those with slender proportions and bikini tops in A, B, or C cup, but not much beyond that.

So what does a girl do when you are not a tiny Celebrity with a private personal trainer, nutritionist, and Plastic Surgeon?

Here are a few brands that are worth checking out that have an amazing selection of contemporary bikinis that offer D-cup and some even bigger.

One of the HOTTEST lines in the world that you are familiar with is L Space. But what you might not know is that they offer Large and Extra Large tops in most styles specifically for girls that need extra D-Cup support. The suits are sold in separate size tops and bottoms for the perfect combination to fit you best.

Two other great lines are Kristi Grinna and KGB. Made in the US with the finest European fabrics, these swimwear lines offer fantastic quality, fit, comfort in today’s Hottest designs especially for the girl with a large top and needs, D-cup bikinis 

These are definately worth checking out.

Be sure to also check out “The Fitting Room” an excellent resource to help you find the perfect fit for your favorite Brand,

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