Cia Maritima has just celebrated its 20th anniversary launching their first collection in Sao Paulo, Brasil in June 1990. Since then, Cia Maritima has graced the runways and Covers of the world biggest Fashion Shows and magazines, worn by the worlds top  Super Models such as Giselle Bundchen, and Naomi Campbell as well as a super star favorite for actors Blake Lively and Denise Richards to name but a few. Be sure to click on the Link on above “Fashion Shows” and catch the totally Hot Cia Maritima Fashion Show at Sao Palo Fashon week for 2011, ….

Each season, Cia Maritima creates new and exciting styles in bold prints and patterns with exquisite detail, pushing each collection to the limit. Not willing to rest on past achievements by playing it safe and repeat the same styles year after year;

Each season they start fresh and invigorated creating new and exciting styles and silhouettes that play out like a romantic novel, tucked away in the tropics worn by a Goddess, to be admired and worshiped.

As with any designer who takes a chance, some years are better than other and not every collection and idea works but, this is not the case for the up coming collection for 2011.

 I get the opportunity to see hundreds of designers each year and thousands of swimsuits and styles. It doesn’t take long before most of them all look the same creating nothing new, exciting, cutting edge or fashion forward.

That’s when it is a huge delight when something knocks you off your feet and jumps out at you and says WOW! That’s what we have this year with Cia Maritima 2011. Beginning this November 15th, 2010, the new Cia Maritima 2011 Collection along with their Special Collection will be available.

New for this year is the ability to buy Brazilian Bikini in separate sizing. In times past if you wanted a Brazilian cut bottom you had to purchase the suit as a set with the same size top and bottom. Not any more! Which if you are like most women and have some curves to show off, you can order a large top with a small bottom or visa versa, or other size options to fit your specific figure type, ALL GOOD NEWS!  

Be sure to keep checking back at Butterflies and Bikinis, these new styles are sure to be a huge hit

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Monica · September 13, 2010 at 8:04 pm

These suits are to die for! I have been a Cia Maritima fan for quite a few years. They fit wonderful, excellent quality, and make me look really good! LOL

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