The Butterflies Rack is a collection of single Items we have in surplus, as well as mixed-and-matched sets. As a token of our appreciation to our loyal customers, we are able to offer these items to you at exclusive savings. These items are featured in our current collections found elsewhere on our site, are top-quality and brand new.

We’ve got a big assortment, so log in and we’ll show you what we have in your size!

Each Item you see represents a single item in our inventory. Once it has been purchased, it will be gone from the site for good, so be sure to grab them up if you see some you like.

When you sign up, you have the option of how often you want to receive personalized Newsletters of all your favorite Brands and styles, in just your size.

This is a unique feature exclusive to Butterflies and Bikinis customers. It’s so simple and so fun, it will blow your mind!

Create an account; fill in your measurements and you’re off to outrageous savings on today’s hottest styles.

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