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Bikini Tips: What style swimsuit to wear?

bikinisQ: I own three or four swimsuits (most from previous seasons, one from this season), and I am never quite sure which swimsuit to wear for my different outings. How do I choose the right swimsuit for the right occasion? A: There are several different occasions that require women to wear swimsuits. However, the swimsuit a woman would wear to each of these occasions is not always the same classic maillot or sexy bikini. After all, no one would wear a thong bikini to a child’s pool party. Occasionally, the right swimsuit for each different outing can be difficult to ascertain. Below, you can find a brief guide to several common swimsuit occasions and an appropriate swimsuit choice for each of these occasions. Lap Swimming: Clearly, you do not want to wear a string bikini to the gym for lap swimming. As fun and sexy as that swimsuit would be, it is hardly functional, or even appropriate, for serious swimming. However, you do not need to go the other extreme and don a full-body wetsuit before entering the pool. Look for a one-piece polyester swimsuit with a high percentage of spandex or Lycra. The spandex will ensure that the swimsuit stays in place, while the polyester will hold up longer under the destructive powers of chlorine. To add some fun and style to your swimming, choose a swimsuit in a bright, fun color. Racing stripes down the side add some personality and define the waist. Beach Sports: Whether you are engaging in a competitive game of beach volleyball or a casual round of Frisbee, you will definitely want a swimsuit that stays in place. Beach sports, however, do not merit that same sort of seriousness in a swimsuit as lap swimming does. To find a style that won’t gap or give when you are spiking a ball or leaping for a wayward pass, try a halter bikini top paired with boy shorts or full bikini briefs. This type of swimsuit will offer an adequate amount of coverage and stay in place. However, if you choose to wear boy shorts, be aware that they will shorten the appearance of the legs and widen the hips and thighs. Shore Vacation: Depending upon your summer vacation destination, you will likely be indulging in some swimming or beach combing. To find the perfect swimsuit for your summer getaway, look for a bikini or maillot in a Hawaiian motif or floral pattern. These colors and patterns will evoke carefree, vacation time feelings. If prints do not fit with your personal swimsuit style, try some light, pastel colors or sporty stripes. The cut of the swimsuit is not terribly important, so long as you feel comfortable and attractive in it. Choose a cut and color that you will be happy to display. Also, be sure to choose a swimsuit that will add to the general carefree feeling of your vacation. bikinis Lounging on the Poolside: If you are a serious poolside junkie, or if you have a serious resolution to get a bronze tan by the summer’s end, you may need a swimsuit designed for lounging. Because you will not be engaging in a lot of movement or even spending much time inside the swimming pool, you can let your fashion sense go wild when selecting a lounge swimsuit. To get a sexy style, watch the fashion runways to see what styles the models are wearing. Feel free to indulge in the latest trends (such as plunging necklines, one-shouldered maillots, or cutouts). In your lounge swimsuit, you can display your body freely without worry of your swimsuit staying in place during excessive movement. A sexy, thong bikini may also be appropriate, depending upon your comfort level in it and the age population of your local swimming pool. Country Club Party: While a visit to the country club requires a more tasteful swimsuit choice than poolside lounging, this swimsuit certainly does not need to be prim or matronly. The best options when choosing your country club swimsuit are classic styles. Look for a maillot in a pretty pastel or floral print. A bandeau or halter bikini is also appropriate, but be sure the cut of the swimsuit is tasteful. White swimsuits can be fun and sexy for a

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