The Spring 2013 Bettinis Bikinis collection is now available at Butterflies and Bikinis! Designer Bettina Bell created something truly  amazing this season. This collection has everything from African Tribal prints, gorgeous pastel colors, kaleidosopic patterns, lace, elaborate crochet work, trapeze tops, and cover ups that you want to live in!

“The idea for Bettinis came to me through a series of dream like events that have shaped and inspired my own life. Growing up I spent my summers on the beaches of North Carolina and ever since have been drawn to the beauty of the ocean, waves, sand, seashells, dolphins, and sandcastles.”
“While having fun with friends, talking of my idea to design a small bikini, a slight twist on words happened between my name, Bettina, and the word bikini- and
Bettinis was born!”

“Fun, feminine, and flirty is the way I feel when I wear some of my favorite styles- “Itsy”, “posh”, and “wink”. The freedom I’ve experienced while running my business and spending time on the beach inspires me every day in the simple, yet hip designs.”

“I hope that I can give you a little piece of this feeling too when you wear your Bettini ! Be fun, Be flirty, Be free… Just Be.”-Bettina Bell

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