Agua Bendita 2011 is here NOW,  the boldest collection ever and could be there best yet. Exotic colors and textures, with amazing detailed embroidery, appliqués, and multi layered fabrics, patterns and colors. Each suit jumps out at you with a life of its own with each and every suit uniquely designed and a work of art.

 This year they feature world super model, Bar Refaeli who has graced the cover of almost every top Fashion magazine in the world. Her gorgeous and shapely figure, with boastful curves is perfect to show off these wonderful designs.

 Along with Victoria’s Secret Super Model Candice Swanepoel whose slender natural beauty and shapely body have propelled her to the top as one of the worlds most sought after models.

 Agua Benidta has created a loyal following in a very short time with customers anxiously waiting for each new season to be one of the fortunate enough to get there hands on one.  

 Agua Bendita 2011, Coming soon, available at Butterflies and Bikinis, a premier online a swimwear boutique. Featuring the finest in women’s designer swimwear.