Agua Bendita is a high fashion swimwear company from Colombia and is one of the hottest, most vibrant, and innovative swimwear lines in the world today.

Their luxe fabrics are beautifully detailed and each design is a an extraordinary creation combining hand made elements with modern technological processes resulting in very exclusive and unique pieces, combining vibrant colors with the highest quality materials.

Agua Bendita‘sLOVELY HEROES” 2013 is now available at Butterflies and Bikinis

“Sometimes the loveliest of the heroes are not found in movies or in the pages or your favorite action novel, sometimes they don’t have big muscles or battle scars, they don’t carry a sword or heavy guns, they don’t fly with capes or have any other kind of super powers.

Out of all odds, they can be just some feet away from you, armed only with pure will and love, probably they gave you life, they nurtured you, they bathed you, took care of you, put your clothes on. Most of these women are single mothers that are the heart and soul of Agua Bendita. They are our “lovely heroes”, saviors of their own families and the engine that keep us working hard. We are proud to be able to create and be part of the phenomenon that Agua Bendita is, where since our beginning we have put humanity and quality of life first.” they fed you and worked several hours to keep you well. We dedicate this collection to more than 700 living and breathing women, that work in the detailing and manufacturing of Agua Bendita products from their homes or small independent shops.